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I want to kiss a girl, I want to hold her tight

(maybe make a little magic in the moonlight)

The Fringe Femslash Community
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for femslash-related content for the show Fringe. What is femslash-related content? Simply put, it is something - art, fiction, interpretive dance, photomosaics, macaroni sculptures - featuring at least one of the ladies from Fringe together with another female character. When we say "together," we mean "romantically together." Katy Perry-style. With tongue-kissing.

1. Be polite and delightful to your fellow human beings. Anything malicious or unnecessarily rude, or anything that looks like flaming or trolling, will not be tolerated.
2. If you create content for this community, make sure it's viewable to everyone. No links to flocked posts, or links to posts that will be unlocked for a week and then flocked unless people join your awesome graphics community. That's silly.
3. Warn for spoilers. If you are going to post a video or a story or a manip or whatever that gives away plot elements from an unaired or recently-aired (within the last month or so) episode, you need to place that content under a cut, and warn that there are spoilers under the cut.
4. When you post content, it should be relevant. That means posts about Olivia and her gay suits hooking up with other ladies are TOTALLY ENCOURAGED. However, posts about Olivia alone, or about Olivia and Peter, or about how Astrid is in love with Alt!Charlie OR WHATEVER, are not encouraged. Posting stuff that is not relevant will get your entry promptly deleted.
5. Crossovers are totally encouraged, as long as they are gay crossovers about ladies.
6. Once you post an entry, it'd be really rad if you tagged it.
7. Have fun, goddamn.

Extra Rules: Posting Images
1. Don't hotlink other people's images. If you found an amazing screencap of Olivia macking on Astrid from an upcoming episode and you're all DAMN, I HAVE TO POST THIS, reupload it. You can use Tinypic. Or Imageshack. Or Photobucket. Or your LJ Scrapbook.
2. If your image is larger than 500 pixels wide or 500 pixels tall, or if you are posting more than three icons, you should place it under an LJ-cut. If you are not sure how to add an LJ cut to an entry, instructions are here.
3. If you're going to post icons, they had better feature at least one woman from the show doing something awesome and gay with another woman. Linking to an icon post that includes three or four icons of the show's women, by themselves, does not count.

Extra Rules: Posting Fiction
1. All stories posted to the community should have headers, including at least the following:
Title: The title of your story.
Pairing: The two ladies who are paired in your story.
Rating: G, PG-13, R, NC-17
Warnings: If your story contains f/f sex, you don't need to warn for that. However, if your story includes anything that might be objectionable or triggery to another human being, we ask that you warn for it in your headers. This includes warning for sibling/sibling incest if you plan to post Olivia/Rachel. If you feel very strongly about the fact that warnings are oppressing your artistic side, this space must include the phrase "opt not to warn."
Spoilers: If applicable. List the number of the episode your story would spoil for, not the plot development being spoiled, please.
Summary: A sentence or two teasing what happens.

2. The body of stories of any length should be under an LJ-cut. If you are not sure how to add an LJ cut to an entry, instructions are here.

Questions? Concerns? Tell the mods all about it, here.

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