I want to kiss a girl, I want to hold her tight

(maybe make a little magic in the moonlight)

Fic: City in My Mind
Title: City in My Mind
Fandom: Fringe and Terminator 2 (Crossover)
Pairing: Olivia Dunham/Sarah Connor (sort of)
Rating: R
Word Count: ~8,000
Spoilers: Through Season 2 of Fringe
Summary: This is either a tale of two women in padded cells shooting the breeze and plotting further ways to be awesome, or a tale of Olivia Dunham talking to herself.

Over Here (ba-dum-tish!)

Vid Rec!!!
[got] the king in the north

Title: Near to You
Fandom: Fringe/Lost crossover
Pairing: Olivia Dunham/Kate Austen
Vidder: littletonpace on YouTube

Why You Should Watch: Because it's genius. (The opening alone is a marvel. Taco night!) I mean look at the screencap above! I'm so there. Are you there? Yeah, we're all there. ;) It is Must See! This vid is ambitious in terms of story, it is also ambitious technically, and the vidder not only sells this AU pairing believably, she does it with style. Serious props to this vid and vidder!

Watch 'Near to You' by littletonpace!Collapse )

P.S. this comm rocks!

Pimping new land comm
team kahlan
So I don't normally pimp things unless I really believe in them, and think they are truely awesome, and this is one of those times.

I know I have a lot of femslash fans on my flist, so go and have a look at this:

femslash_land femslash_land femslash_land

For those who are members of landcomms already and are sick of having to write het/ambiguous fic in order to win challenges, we need no longer conform! (lol)

And for those of you who aren't on any landcomms, this is a team challenge community where individuals compete in graphics and fic challenges, as well as do fun games and puzzles, to earn points for their team. It's a great place to meet new people, as well as participate in things you wouldn't normally do (I hated graphics, but have learnt I'm not half bad at them)

This landcomm is for all femslash tv and movie pairings, so come along, apply and join in the fun!

so go and apply here

Olivia/alt!Livia fanmix
vg | me ☆ asari space princess
Hello, all! Before I get down to business, I would just like to say that I am so glad this community was created. Fringe femslash is sadly too few and far between, and it's awesome that we're getting a place to post it all.

I'm working on a post-S2 Olivia/Astrid fic at the moment, but for now, I'd like to leave you with a fanmix that I made for jjverse a while back. I hope you enjoy it!

Title: are you sick of your skin?
Pairing: Olivia/alt!Livia
Warnings: Foul language & adult themes in some of the songs.
9 songs here

Test post
olivia dunham
Welcome to dunham_swagger.


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